Like a cool glass of fresh lemonade, Danielle Alis arrives just in time to quench the thirst of parched pop lovers, craving the next young, female show-stopper. A bit more sour than sweet, she sings what sixteen year olds think with a bold attitude that empowers young girls to stand strong, and never take “ish” from anyone, especially boys. For years Danielle has chased the only dream she knows is certain. Years of vocal training, acting classes, and gymnastics/dance lessons all lead up to this moment in her mind when she takes the reigns from no other than icon, Britney Spears. “Her performances have always been an inspiration to me. I never wanted to simply be a singer. I wanted to be an entertainer,” she explains. While Rhythmic Pop is her leading genre, Danielle also has a penchant for country and rock music, having grown up on Avril Lavigne and Leanne Rimes. At the young age of 16, Danielle exudes confidence on stage, thanks to years of training that her parents worked tirelessly to insure for her. “When Danielle was a baby, she would cry every time I shut off the radio,” her mother, Theresa, laughed. “I knew then, I had an artist on my hands.” She began her career in the public eye at the age of four with gymnastics, a sport in which she excelled for upwards of four years. Although she loved the constant challenge, it was in the competitions where she found an even greater love for the spotlight. At the age of 8, she entered her first beauty pageant. At her first showing, she placed in the top ten, and in due time, began to earn recognition within her local town and regional newspapers. She won District Champion of gymnastics, the crown as “Miss Philadelphia Sweetheart” in 2003, and Philadelphia’s local Idol competition at the age of 12. By 13 she recorded her first song, and instantly fell in love with the studio. Shortly thereafter she began opening up for acts including George Clinton and FUEL, performing at Superbowl parties and Sixers games. Most recently after being introduced to HHWorldwide, she has performed in fundraisers for Breast Cancer Awareness, as an opening act for Atlantic Records’ artist, Young Steff, in Atlantic Records’ Great Kids, Great Rewards Tour with promotional Director, Frank Johnson, in a Hot 97 radio event, and in showcases for major record label executives from Badboy, Warner Brothers, MySpace Records, VH1 and MTV. It was at this showcase event where HHWorldwide met Kyra Larock of Larock Artists and formally 19 Entertainment/ CKx Inc., and formed a management partnership to take Danielle to the top. Since joining HH/Larock Artists she has worked with an award winning roster of producers including 17x Platinum producer Eddie Galan (Hannah Montana, High school Musical), Chucky Thompson (Usher, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige), Deshawn White (Ashley Simpson, Hannah Montana), Chris ‘N’ Teeb (Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, 50 Cent) and the Phantom Boyz, who currently have Alexandra Burke’s (X Factor) #1 single in the UK. Currently home schooled, she has no time for the life of an average teenager. From the gym to late night studio sessions, her focus is razor sharp. She knows what she wants, and is about to get it.

“And as for boys?” we ask.

“They’ll come and go,” she jokes, “but my career is here to stay.”